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We offer unique tailor-made solutions

That enable the optimization of both energy use and time sensitive energy tariffs via means of smart energy management systems.

The benefits are shared by both the supplier and the client, creating cost cutting synergies.

Who is

Synenergia is a fully licensed private Electricity Supplier in the Republic of Cyprus established in 2018.

Solid Background:
Our company is a part of a larger organization that has experience in trading in utilities such as electricity and gas in multiple European countries. This enables us to draw from a rich pool of experience and know-how. Our constant support and our solid background add value to the energy supply chain of our clients.

What We Do:
Our aim is to utilise advanced data analysis to achieve the maximum optimization level of the appropriate tariff for your needs. This leads to savings in costs that we pass on to our clients. Also, our “Smart” Meters will monitor the consumption and the quality of your electricity in real time. This, along with the parameters set in conjunction with your energy advisor, will prevent losses and waste. More savings that lead to further reduction in your electricity bill. Both, the Transmission System Operator (TSO) and the Distribution System Operator (DSO), therefore the “Grid”, remains national and are regulated by the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA). Hence, the stability and quality of your electricity supply remain in government control. What changes is just the billing company.

Certificates of GoO (Guarantees of Origin) can be provided to our clients for electricity which is produced from RES (Renewable Energy Sources).