Our mission
is to improve

This will be achieved by becoming the client’s partner in success. You can enjoy our stable electricity supply, knowing that you are purchasing the island’s “Greenest Energy”, while benefiting from the best value adding packages and better prices.
Our target portfolio consists of only “Grade A” clients that will create the necessary conditions of becoming the number one private electricity supplier in Cyprus.
Energy Mix

Our “energy mix” consists primarily of Renewable Energy Sources, while we do have in effect
Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) with conventional energy sources to support a sustainable business model.

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    As of 2017, electricity production has been liberated in Cyprus.
    The TSO and DSO transmit to the end customer via the grid, the energy that various producers inject at different locations nationwide.
    The billing company essentially plays the role of an energy broker, trying to keep the balance between the customer and the producer.